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Water Aerobics: Learn Top 10 Benefits of Water Aerobics

Water aerobics (or aqua aerobics) has finally reached India and it seems like it is here to stay. But as the concept is new and not much is known about this form of exercise, we are here to break the ice.

So, what is water aerobics?


Why should you go for it instead of traditional aerobics exercises?


Water aerobics for beginners – A brief understanding

Water aerobics is aerobics exercises done under shallow water like in a swimming pool. It is typically practiced in waist deep or deeper water and is done mostly vertically.

A kind of resistance training, aqua aerobics for beginners can be a combination of various limbs movements like walking or running backward and forward in warm water.


Water Aerobics over Traditional Aerobics

We are in favor of water aerobics over traditional form of exercises because (of course) of the obvious.

When you shift your workout to the water, you can bring back your enthusiasm while enjoying a lot more health benefits than usual.

Then again, we totally understand if you are skeptic behind this fitness idea. You may think it is not possible to get as intense and sweat as much under water.

But, here’s the catch. A lot of researches suggest otherwise.

In reality, water forms a built-in resistance like weights surrounding your body. Which ultimately helps in increasing the intensity of your workout.

Then again, the effect of gravity is very less under water which makes it easier for your body to move through a wider range of motion. The water pressure makes you work harder than they would during traditional aerobic classes.

You can easily add water aerobics to your fitness routine, no matter what age group you are in.

Still, need some more convincing? Here are 10 amazing health benefits of water aerobics that should do the trick for you.


10 Amazing Health Benefits of Water Aerobics

  1. Burn more calories with less effort

Water aerobics is the perfect combination of strength training and cardio workouts along with the added advantage of water resistance. Your body gets a full workout.

Now, what about the calories burned?

With deciding factors like weight, the temperature of the water, cardio, volume and buoyancy, you can burn a whopping 400 and 500 calories per hour. Learn more about obesity.

  1. Get back your muscle strength on point

Now, let’s speak science. In a pool, water flows in multiple directions which adds on to the resistance four to 42 times more than on land.

And when that happens, your muscles automatically gets a rigid workout session. Do this for twelve weeks straight and witness the change in your strength, flexibility and agility.

  1. Enjoy the power of endurance

As opposed to weights on land, where you need to pull and push against both weight and gravity, water offers a natural resistance. When you are underwater, your body needs to fight through the water and you end up building endurance.

  1. Reduce joint pain and promote mobility

Hydrotherapy is not a new concept for people who have arthritis. Water aerobics has the power to relieve pressure from the joints as you will have literally little to no impact on them. The deeper you go, the lesser effect of gravity you will feel.

  1. Increase flexibility like never before

Another advantage of water aerobics is it increases overall flexibility in the body. When underwater, your body moves in various directions trying to adjust to the flow of water. This helps the joints to expand their range of movement.

  1. Dial the workout to boost mental strength

Many researchers have already found and proven the wonders of water aerobics on decreasing anxiety and depression in people. This works miracles on pregnant women and the health of their unborn children. It elevates the mind and keeps you in a happy state.

  1. Lose weight with less muscle soreness

Since you now know that exercising in the pool can help you burn 400 to 500 calories per hour, weight loss comes as an add-on. Water is twelve times more resistant than air. So, when your water aerobics instructor gets hard on you, it’s really okay! Both strength training and cardio workout benefits are about to come your way.

Also, if you want to lose extra weight and belly fat, you can mix things up with foam noodles, kickboards and hand-held paddles under water.

  1. Tone the body and improve posture

If you are stuck on a 9 to 5 desk job, it’s time you think for your health, body and posture. According to a study at the Indiana University about the power of swimming and aerobic exercises for those associated with desk jobs, switching up position to exercise horizontally can tone up your body and also improve posture.

  1. Safer rehab environment

Water offers a safer rehab environment for your body. So, when you are rehabbing, the water pressure exerted against your muscles contributes to the buoyancy effect.

The thickness of water, also known as viscosity is not present in the air. When you work out on land, you miss out on the wonders that the thickness does. It helps you unload the gravitational weight offering a soothing effect on any injury in a completely supported environment.

  1. Stay calm even during harder workouts

Last but not least, water aerobics is a great addition to summer workout sessions. When you are underwater, you can feel refreshed even during harder workouts.

When you sign up for deep water running, typically the water temperature for such intense classes are 80-82 degrees – enough to keep you calm during such workouts.

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Have Fun!

Simply go out there and have fun. Maybe wear your sunscreen and sunglasses with a UV shirt and trendy hat. Because working out should not feel like work. Splash around – and enjoy!

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